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Sponsorship in races helps to ensure the races provide quality opportunities for people to race without having to charge high registration fees. If you are interested in sponsoring but are unsure of what race, how much or even being an “in kind” sponsor, please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

Check out the results from a membership survey by USA Cycling in 2008.

2008 USA Cycling Membership Survey

2013 Race Sponsorship Packages

We have a Sponsorship Summary put together for the 2013 events.  If you would like to sponsor one of our events for 2013, please fill out the form below and select which event(s) you want to sponsor.  If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to David “BigDave” Riemenschneider at bigbikerdave@gmail.com.  We hope to have individual Sponsorship Packages put together soon.

 2013 Race Summary
 2013 Spring Tune Up Sponsorship Package
 2013 OSRS Sponsorship Package
 2013 Tri-State 6HRS Sponsorship Package

Website Advertising

You can get exposure to the dozens of web visitors that come to BigDaveSports.com each month by purchasing ad space on our website.  Ad sizes will be 125×125 and space can be purchased as dedicated or sharedDedicated spaces will appear on each page every time the website is opened.  Shared spaces will randomly show ads from the pool of advertisers that elected to have a shared space.  There will be a maximum of four (4) dedicated ad spaces and sold on a first come, first serve basis.  Once all four spaces are sold, a waiting list will be formed and used when spaces become available.  Advertisers may purchase shared ad space while on the waiting list, and then be upgraded (upon approval) as space becomes available.

Ads can be submitted via file format (jpg or gif) or web link.  If an advertiser chooses to send a file and wishes to change the file in the middle of a service contract, there will be a $10 charge for each change.  There will be no charge to change the file if done at renewal time.  Advertisers who use a web link can change their artwork as often as they like with no charge as long as the web link itself does not change.


Dedicated Ad Space

1 month = $35

3 months = $90

Shared Ad Space

1 month = $20

3 months = $50

Rates may change without notice due to that thing called supply and demand.  Ads will begin once the web link or file and payment has been received.  Advertisers will be notified a minimum of 7 days before their ad is set to expire.

Contact BigDave at bigbikerdave@gmail.com to get your ad running and tap into the dozens of web followers associated with BigDaveSports.

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