OSRS #4: Reilly

Presented by Team Hungry!

Sunday, April 14, 2013.


Course MAP


  • #1 written by Dave Thole 4 days ago

    The race flyer, race registration website, and event website have conflicting infor for the Cat 5 mens race. In some places the course length is described as 8 miles, others say 10. Some places say the race distance for Cat 5 men is 32 miles, others say it’s 40. Can you confirm the race distance, number of laps, and course length for Cat 5 men? thanks.

  • #2 written by BigDave 3 days ago

    The Cat 5 men are racing 31.5 miles. The actual course length is 10.5 miles. The Team Hungry website has the correct distances. http://racehungry.com/2013-reilly-road-race-osrs/ All others are being corrected.

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