Kentuckiana Spring Race Series

2011 Kentuckiana Spring Race Series (KiSRS) Put On Hiatus

It is with much regret that BigDaveSports announces there will not be a Kentuckiana Spring Race Series in 2011.  This decision was made based on the lack of sponsorship and financial support for the series as well as health reasons on the part of BigDave.  If BigDaveSports is not able to put on a quality event, then BigDave doesn’t want the event to happen.  This decision will allow BigDaveSports to put more effort into the other events on the schedule and encourages riders to support all events, not just those put on by BigDaveSports.  There are still plenty of races occurring this spring in Kentucky and Indiana as well as the Ohio Spring Race Series (OSRS) which BigDaveSports is a major part of.

This does not appear to be the end of the KiSRS.  BigDaveSports will re-evaluate the structure of the series and individual races to rely less on outside sponsorship as well as work with some of the other established races in Kentucky and Indiana to form a new, bigger and better series for 2012.

La Crema Coffee to Sponsor KiSRS

We are proud to announce that La Crema Coffee Company has agreed to sponsor the Kentuckiana Spring Race Series in 2011.  They will be providing packages of coffee to distribute as prizes for all categories in all five races.  Thus, if you reach the podium, you’ll be going home with some freshly roasted gourmet coffee.

The owner of La Crema Coffee, Melissa Flohn, recognized the efforts being put forth with this series to improve women’s racing and felt it would be a good match for her company and product.  KiSRS is offering discounted race entries of only $5 for Cat 4 Women and equal prize money for the Cat 1/2/3 Women compared to the Cat 1/2/3 Men.  Combine that with the fact that most cyclists are addicted to coffee, this is a perfect match for all parties involved.

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2011 Race Preview Guides are on their way!

If you participated in a BigDaveSports event in 2010, you or your household should be receiving the 2011 Race Preview Guide in the mail within the next week.  This will give you a quick reference guide to all of the events BigDaveSports has planned for 2011.  There are a few other events being discussed, but they are much smaller events and will most likely be more localized to the Cincinnati, OH area.  You’ll be able to catch information on those events here on our website and through facebook.

If you aren’t on our mailing list, here is the PDF file for you to download and print for your own use or to pass on to a friend:

2011 Race Preview Guide

March is just around the corner!

BigDaveSports Gives Back

As the races and events are being organized for 2011, BigDaveSports is working in several programs that will give back to the community and help build the future of the sport.

First, in the Kentuckiana Spring Race Series, with the help of various sponsors, entry fees for Category 4 (beginner) Women will only be $5 with no late fees.  This is in an attempt to get more women out to try bike racing.  In addition, through the same sponsors, the top 3 Category 1/2/3 Women will have the same prize payouts as the top 3 Category 1/2/3 Men.  Though the fields are not equal in size, this offers equal rewards to the women who put in the hard work to reach the podium in their race.

For the kids, we have two programs in the works.  First, at the Devou Park Summer Race Series, we are arranging to have a food vendor at all of the races, selling freshly grilled foods and then donating a portion of their sales to the Lionhearts Junior Racing Team.  These kids are the future of the sport and have a great opportunity with the Lionhearts.  We need to make sure they have the support the need to keep their program going.

The other program in the works will be part of the Midwest Regional Masters Championship Event.  This event will be a unique 3 races in 3 states on 2 days to award 4 championships to riders from 12 different states across the Midwest.  BigDaveSports will be donating $1 from each race entry to help needy children obtain school supplies.  Sponsors will also have an opportunity to help with this program by agreeing to do either a “Match”, “Match with Cap” or “Flat Donation”.  Riders will also have the option to make a donation of their own when they register for the event.  With an expected 700+ registered riders for the weekend, this program could easily bring in a couple thousand dollars just in time for the start of the 2011-2012 school year.

2011 Tentative Race Schedule

With 2011 just around the corner, the BigDaveSports race schedule is coming together.  The Ohio Spring Race Series (OSRS) is back and bigger with the return of a couple of favorites from year’s past as well as the addition of a legendary course out of Northern Kentucky.

To compliment the mostly Sunday races of the OSRS, we will be adding a series of Saturday races in Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana consisting of 5 races and called the Kentuckiana Spring Race Series (KiSRS).  This series was meant to be mostly flat, but when riding in Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana, nothing’s flat, so expect some challenging courses with a climb or two on each course.  This series will also offer $5 entry fees for beginner women and equal prize payout for the higher category women.

With the success of last year’s Ohio Masters Road Race State Championship, we are bringing it back, but earlier in the summer and at a more central location as we move to the Zanesfield, OH course.  We will also be doubling up with the juniors to create the 2011 Ohio Junior & Master State Road Race Championship.

Since we’re in to summer now, we have to talk about the Devou Park Summer Race Series in beautiful Covington, KY.  This series was so successful, popular and exciting that we’d be silly to not bring it back.  We’ll be working on bringing more entertainment value to the series, so be sure to mark your Wednesday evenings off now!

The highlight of the summer will be a new championship event with the Midwest Regional Masters Championship Event.  This event will stage race giving you 3 races in 3 states in 2 days, not to mention the opportunity at 4 different championships.  Saturday will give you a time trial in northern Kentucky and a road race in southwestern Ohio.  Sunday will cap off the weekend with a criterium in southeastern Indiana.  Not only will Regional Champions be crowned at each stage, but a Regional Stage Race Champion as well.

Lately, there has been some very serious discussion on putting on a Midwest Regional CX Championship in the area in December with an emphasis on the juniors.  This is still very early in the planning, but may be a collaboration between groups in Cincinnati AND Louisville.

Here is the current schedule being planned:

  • Sunday, March 20: OSRS #1 – Deer Creek
  • Saturday, March 26: KiSRS #1 – Mentor-Maysville
  • Sunday, March 27: OSRS #2 – Schabobele
  • Saturday, April 2: KiSRS #2 – Bear Branch, IN
  • Sunday, April 3: OSRS #3 – Hueston Woods p/b Team Hungry
  • Sunday, April 10: OSRS #4 – Vandervorts Corner p/b Michelob Ultra Racing Team
  • Saturday, April 16: KiSRS #3 – Big Bone
  • Sunday, April 17: OSRS #5 – Spring Valley p/b 7 Hills Racing
  • Saturday, April 23: OSRS #6 – Mitchell Memorial p/b Queen City Wheels
  • Saturday, April 30: KiSRS #4 – Falmouth
  • Sunday, May 1: OSRS #7 – Lynchburg
  • Saturday, May 7: KiSRS #5 Series Finale – St. Peters, IN/Blue Creek Rd
  • Sunday, May 8: OSRS # 8 – St Peters (don’t call us St Leon), IN
  • Sunday, May 15: OSRS #9 – Germantown
  • Sunday, May 22: OSRS #10 Series Finale – Georgetown, OH
  • Saturday, June 18: Ohio Junior & Master State Road Race Championship, Zanesfield, OH
  • Wednesday, July 13: Devou Park Summer Race Series #1
  • Wednesday, July 20: Devou Park Summer Race Series #2
  • Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24: Midwest Regional Masters Championship Event
  • Wednesday, July 27: Devou Park Summer Race Series #3
  • Wednesday, August 3: Devou Park Summer Race Series #4
  • Wednesday, August 10: Devou Park Summer Race Series #5
  • Mid-December: Midwest Regional CX Championship

More details will be posted as they come along.