For 15 years, David “BigDave” Riemenschneider cut his teeth in middle management in the industries of Transportation, Distribution, Warehousing and Manufacturing.  He had proven himself in efficiency by streamlining and improving productivity in just about every position he held.  He was one step away from senior/executive management when he became a victim of the economic crash in 2008 when his position was eliminated.

During the previous several years, BigDave had been volunteering his time planning and organizing various bicycle rides and events.  He built a reputation for putting on quality events and using extraordinary routes.

In May 2009, BigDave filed the paperwork to start BigDaveSports, LLC.  With his management background and recent success with smaller cycling events, this was an obvious road to take as it combined his experience with something he was passionate about.


Race Official:

BigDave is a licensed race official through USA Cycling.  His rate of pay is set by USA Cycling.  If you wish to have BigDave officiate your race, be sure to check with him on his availability and request him when submitting your race permit through USA Cycling as well as through the person who assign the race officials in your area/state.

Registration Management:

Through the years, BigDave has fine tuned his registration process though the many road races he promotes each spring.  He can bring his system to your event to provide a smooth connection between registration, race officials and results submission.

UCI CX Call-Up Zone Set-up:

BigDave can mark off your call-up zone to the dimension set by the UCI for your cyclocross race.  This will allow you time to concentrate your efforts on setting up the most epic race course you can without having to worry about something as tedious as converting millimeters to inches and feet within a set space.


In addition to the various services offered by BigDaveSports, we also have a trailer full of “Race Promotion Crap” that can be rented.  You can rent the trailer and have access to any of the equipment listed below.  BigDave will bring the trailer to your event and help unload, set-up and tear down the equipment at your event.  Not all equipment is in the trailer all of the time, so be sure to specify which items you need and which items you don’t need so the trailer can be loaded correctly.

  • Start/Finish Truss:  The metal start/finish truss stands 12′ tall and can span up to 30′ wide when using the truss sections to complete an archway, but has never needed to be more than 24′ wide.  It can also be used as two towers holding a banner across the course.  There are enough sections to do two separate set-ups like this.  This truss system has also been used to create a backdrop for podiums. 
  • Official’s Stage:  This is an 8′x8′ wooden stage that stands 2′ off the ground.  It has an 8′x8′ pop-up tent that bolts to it for shade and some protection from the weather.  There is also an optional ramp that can be mounted to one side to use for time trials.
  • 10′x10′ Pop Up Tent:  There is also an optional 10′ wall to use with this tent.
  • 10′x15′ Pop Up Tent:  There is also an optional 15′ wall to use with this tent, and the 10′ wall can be used on one of the sides as well.
  • Tables & Chairs:  We have 4 folding chairs and 5 folding tables.  The tables are 2′x4′ and can be set at regular table height or counter height.
  • Podium Boxes
  • Generator
  • Four 5 Gallon Water Coolers:  To be used for water (and ice) only.
  • Propane Heater:  For those cold and snowy race days.
  • Lights:  We have 3 sets of dual 500 watt work lights.  Two have stands, but the third set needs to be mounted to something.
  • Course Signs:  We have an extensive set of signs to use for road races, crits and CX races.  We also have a set of MTB signs based on the specifications set by USA Cycling.
  • Fencing:  We have approximately 600′ of orange construction fencing that can be used to secure courses and keep spectators off the course.
  • Course Marking Materials:  We have a supply of spray chalk and duct tape for marking finish lines, call-up zones and course hazards.  We use the duct tape on dry pavement for finish lines and call-up zones.  The spray chalk is used for marking course hazards as well as when the finish line and/or call-up zone are on grass/dirt or on wet pavement.
  • Push Brooms & Leaf Blower:  The (two) push brooms and leaf blower are available for cleaning debris off the race course such as gravel in the corners of road races and crits.
  • Flags & Safety Vests:  There are approximately 8 sets of flags and safety vests for course marshals and other event volunteers.
  • 2-Way Radios
  • Bubble Lights:  When lead vehicles (and follow vehicles) are needed, we have several bubble lights to put on the roofs of those vehicles so they are easily recognized on the course.

David “BigDave” Riemenschneider bigbikerdave@gmail.com
President, BigDaveSports, LLC
League of American Bicyclists Certified Cycling Instructor #1716!
- Cincinnati Bicycle Commuters
- http://groups.google.com/group/bikecincy/

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