Well, the weather guessers got us again.  The forecast for the rescheduled race date of March 24th got worse throughout the week, and by Friday, it was suppose to start with freezing rain at 7am on Sunday and switch to snow by noon and keep snowing into Monday with a total accumulation of 6-8 inches.  Thus, we made the call early to cancel the race and let everyone know on Friday so they could make plans to get a solid ride in on Saturday when the weather was going to be nice.


When Sunday morning rolled around, there was no rain, and there was no snow.  There was a brief snow burst around noon, but nothing stuck to the roads.  It didn’t start snowing again until late into the evening, and by Monday morning, we barely had an inch of snow.  In my opinion, we probably could have raced.  It would have just been cold.  However, I think we did make the right decision.  The Indianapolis and Columbus (OH) areas did get hit with some significant snow, and riders from those areas would have had to drive through it going home after their race.


The next big issues was trying to find a reschedule date (again).  This time wasn’t as easy as we were getting deeper into the racing season and events are scheduled every weekend.  Ideally, we wanted to get the race rescheduled for an early date to keep with the early Spring “Tune-Up” theme.  Saturday, March 30th was the first option, but the park we were using for parking and registration wouldn’t be available because of an Easter Egg Hunt they have schedule in which they expect approximately 500 participants.  Since parking options are scarce in the area, we had to look at other dates.  April wouldn’t work as there is an Ohio Spring Race Series (OSRS) race scheduled on every weekend.  The  first weekend of May is the next semi-open race weekend.  There are other events in the area that weekend, but they target a slightly different market.  There is some overlap of participants, but not as bad as going up against another road race.  Therefore, the NEW date for the Spring Tune-Up Road Race is Sunday, May 5, 2013.


We hope that most of you will be able to attend this new date.  We also understand that race calendars have been made and set, and riders may already be committed to other events that weekend or have other plans already set.  Thus, we are offering refunds to those who have pre-registered for the race but aren’t able to make the May 5th race date.  Just e-mail BigDave at bigbikerdave@gmail.com to request a refund.  If you received a refund after the first cancellation but are able to race on May 5th and want to race, you will just need to re-register on BikeReg.


Hopefully, we can get this race going and finally be done with it.