If you’ve ever thought about how much fun it would be to work a bike race, here is your opportunity.  Below is an e-mail I sent to my database of race volunteers, but this event is bigger than even my usual crew can handle.  You can find some of the “Job Descriptions” on the Volunteer (now called Employment) page of this website.  If you are able to help at this event, please contact me, BigDave, at bigbikerdave@gmail.com.


OK All, my next big event is the Midwest Regional Masters Championship to be held Saturday, July 23rd in Cleves and North Bend, OH and Sunday, July 24th in Aurora, IN.  Here is the RACE FLYER if you want to read along.  I am going to need a small army of people to make this happen, so please be greedy with the number of positions and time slots you want.  This event will be bringing in riders from the 12-state Region defined by USA Cycling.  I already have one rider registered for all 3 races coming all the way from South Dakota.  My target attendance for this event is 200-250 riders per stage, or 600-750 for the entire weekend.  Here is what I need:

FRIDAY, JULY 22nd – 6pm-8pm

Early packet pick-up will be at the Hollywood Casino Resort in Lawrenceburg, IN.  I don’t know how many people will take advantage of this, but I would like one or two people to help me during these couple of hours.  Pay is $20.  <-COVERED!



Registration – 7am-10am – I will need 3-4 people for this portion of the day.  Pay is $30.  <-COVERED!

Course Marshals – 8:30-11:45 – Even though there are no turns on the course, I would like to have at least one person at the start, one person at the finish, and maybe one person at each non-turn along the route for a total of 2-5 people.  Pay is an easy $30.  <-COVERED!

Lead Vehicles – 8:30-? – I may just have a lead vehicle for the very first rider.  This could be somebody from registration or the Course Marshal working the finish.  Pay TBD. <-COVERED!


Registration – 10am-1pm – 3-4 people.  Pay is $30. <-COVERED!

Course Marshals – 12:30-4:30 – I will need 5 people to work the corners on this course.  Pay is $30.  <-2 SPOTS LEFT!

Lead Vehicles – 12:30-4:30 – We are scheduled to have 4 groups on the road with the option to add a 5th if the fields get too big, thus I will need 4, possibly 5 Lead Vehicles.  Pay is $40.  <-1 SPOT LEFT!


Registration – 1pm(3pm)-5pm – I will need one person to be there from 1pm, and 2-3 people starting at 3pm.   Pay is $40 for the person starting at 1pm and $25 for those starting at 3pm. <-2 SPOT LEFT STARTING AT 3PM!

Course Marshals – 4:30-8pm – I will need 5 people to work the corners on this course.  Pay is $30.  <-2 SPOT LEFT!

Lead Vehicles – 4:30-8pm – We are scheduled to have 4 groups on the road with the option to add a 5th if the fields get too big, thus I will need 4, possibly 5 Lead Vehicles.  Pay is $40.  <-1 SPOT LEFT!

As always, those working registration are welcome and encouraged to work as a course marshal or lead vehicle.

SUNDAY, JULY 24TH – Criterium

Sunday is basically an all day event, so I split the shifts in half.  If someone wants to work all day, they are more than welcome to either in the same position or jumping between positions.

Registration: Barbara Saive from 2WheelSports has agreed to help with registration this day, so I need 2 more people for each shift – 9am-1pm & 1pm-5pm.  Pay is $40 per shift.  <-1 SPOT LEFT IN AFTERNOON SHIFT!

Course Marshals: This is a little different from road races in that you would be working pedestrian crossings and see a lot more action.  I need 6 people for each shift working in pairs – 10:30-2pm & 2pm-5:30.  Pay is $30 per shift.  <-4 SPOTS LEFT IN EACH SHIFT!

Parking Attendant: To make sure everyone parks in an orderly manner and knows where additional parking is, I would like to have 2 people handle parking for each shift – 9am-1pm & 1pm-5pm.  Pay is $40 per shift.  <-COVERED!

Lead Vehicles:  I only need one lead vehicle per race but would like to have two that would alternate races.  I also think that motorcycles will be better considering the nature of the course with the stair step decent into a left turn.  I am still undecided on the pay structure for this one – thinking either rate per race or par per mileage driven.  <-1 SPOT LEFT!

Volunteer Coordinator – I think I will be too busy on Sunday between the regular podiums and Stage Race podiums to be able to deal with making sure volunteers are where they need to be.  Thus, I will need somebody to be there all day and make sure all of the bodies are where they need to be.  You may also need to do a little recruiting ahead of time.  I am thinking of paying $100 for this gig. <-COVERED!

I may also need a couple of bodies to help set-up each morning, especially Sunday with the archway going up, and tear down after the last races.  A couple of bodies makes this go by so much faster.

***All race staff will get a uniquely designed BigDaveSports’ “Event Staff” shirt!

Please let me know which positions and shifts you would like to work, and pass this on to anyone else that may be interested in helping out with this event.

Thanks for everyone’s help at all of the races.


David “BigDave” Riemenschneider
President, BigDaveSports, LLC
League of American Bicyclists Certified Cycling Instructor #1716!