There is a saying by the United States Marines, “Adapt and overcome!”  That pretty much sums up the planning process of the St Peters, IN Road Race over the past month.

First, there was a conflict with Mother’s Day in town that caused us to change the race date from Sunday to Saturday, May 7th.  Then, with just over a week until race day, we find out that our parking location was double booked.  The other party using the parking lot didn’t want to share it with us, and since they were actually paying for it and were local residents, the get priority to keep everyone happy.  Thus, with just a week until race day, and no place to park 150 cars, a panicked search went underway to avoid having to cancel the race all together.

As you are all aware, road races are held out in the country in the middle of corn fields, etc, where parking is minimal and cell service is questionable.  Parking in a field is not an option this year with the record rain falls that we have in the area.  Changing the date again wasn’t an option, because every weekend through the end of the series was booked up both days.  After driving the course multiple times and looking at satellite photos trying to find a gravel or paved lot that MIGHT hold 100-150 cars, a plea went out to the other promoters in the Ohio Spring Race Series for suggestions and guidance as to what to do about parking or if the race should just be cancelled.  Tracy Segar, promoter of the Germantown Road Race, the Franklin County Park or something in the Brookville area which is just north of the race course.  He admitted to being lost in that area several times before finding himself on the race course during a ride.  The Franklin County Park didn’t have enough paved/gravel space to park the number of cars we were looking at and admitted that they were afraid of parking them in the grass because of all the rain we’ve had.  HOWEVER, hidden just north of the park was Morgan’s Brookville Canoe Center.  While scoping it out, I ran into the owner, Gary Morgan, who runs the Little Miami Tri which replaces the swimming leg with canoeing.  I explained to him my situation with the parking for this race, and he was more than happy to help out, especially since it is still early in the canoeing season, and he saw it as an opportunity to get more exposure.  Their parking can handle 500+ cars, plus they have real bathrooms and a lodge for us to use.

Therefore, the St Peters, IN Road Race will be held on Saturday, May 7th.  Parking AND registration will now be at the Morgan’s Brookville Canoe Center off of Blue Creek Rd.  We will stage riders at the Canoe Center and do a neutral rollout of just under a mile to the race course.  Riders will then have just over a mile of racing before they reach THE climb up Highland Center Rd.  The Feed Zone will be near the top of the climb at Lookout Dr (last year’s climb).  Once at the top, it is about 1.5 miles to the actual finish line at Ramsey Dr where you will start seeing lap cards.  The party house is just after the turn onto St Peters Rd where you might be able to get (unauthorized) beer handups.

Here is the updated 2011 St Peters Flyer.

Since we are parking and staging at the Canoe Center, bring your family out and let them go canoeing while you’re out racing.  Also, if you get a chance, stop by the St Peters Deli where we usually have registration.  They have always been supportive of this race over the years, and it was a tough decision to move to the other end of the course.

One last thing, since this race is on Mother’s Day weekend, all mom’s get a special rate on their entry fee.  If you (moms) have not received an e-mail from BigDave regarding this special rate, please contact him at