BigDaveSports recently received a gracious anonymous donation to be used for providing and developing racing opportunities for juniors in our area.  BigDaveSports has already been working to provide more racing opportunities for juniors, but this will help offset some of the costs involved as well as provide funds to be able to encourage more juniors to participate.  Here are some of the ways BigDaveSports plans to use these funds:

  1. A Junior’s Category has already been added to the OSRS #10 Series Finale in Georgetown, OH.  Now, with collaboration of Dino’s Neighborhood Grill, all juniors (entering the juniors category) will receive a FREE meal after the race.
  2. At the 2011 Ohio Juniors & Masters State Road Race Championship, again with collaboration from Dino’s Neighborhood Grill, all junior participants will receive a FREE meal after the race.
  3. For the Devou Park Summer Race Series, all juniors will race for FREE.  That’s right, entry fees waived for the juniors’ categories!  This will include the Devou Hill Climb Time Trial.
  4. The last event that BigDaveSports has on the schedule for juniors is the Caesar Creek MTB Race.  This event is not only the USAC-MTB State Championship for Ohio, but is also part of the Alison Dunlap Junior Series-Mountain Bike (ADJ-MTB).  As part of the ADJ-MTB program, this event offers juniors’ categories from U10 up to the standard 15-18 age brackets.  Currently, none of the funds have been allocated to this event, but entry fees are only $10 and it is worth mentioning as it has a strong push for junior racing.  Additional benefits for juniors may be added at a later date as we get closer to the race.

We greatly appreciate this unsolicited donation and hope that the outcome from it is an improvement in juniors racing in Ohio!