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BDS Receives Anonymous Donation to Support Junior’s Races

BigDaveSports recently received a gracious anonymous donation to be used for providing and developing racing opportunities for juniors in our area.  BigDaveSports has already been working to provide more racing opportunities for juniors, but this will help offset some of the costs involved as well as provide funds to be able to encourage more juniors to participate.  Here are some of the ways BigDaveSports plans to use these funds:

  1. A Junior’s Category has already been added to the OSRS #10 Series Finale in Georgetown, OH.  Now, with collaboration of Dino’s Neighborhood Grill, all juniors (entering the juniors category) will receive a FREE meal after the race.
  2. At the 2011 Ohio Juniors & Masters State Road Race Championship, again with collaboration from Dino’s Neighborhood Grill, all junior participants will receive a FREE meal after the race.
  3. For the Devou Park Summer Race Series, all juniors will race for FREE.  That’s right, entry fees waived for the juniors’ categories!  This will include the Devou Hill Climb Time Trial.
  4. The last event that BigDaveSports has on the schedule for juniors is the Caesar Creek MTB Race.  This event is not only the USAC-MTB State Championship for Ohio, but is also part of the Alison Dunlap Junior Series-Mountain Bike (ADJ-MTB).  As part of the ADJ-MTB program, this event offers juniors’ categories from U10 up to the standard 15-18 age brackets.  Currently, none of the funds have been allocated to this event, but entry fees are only $10 and it is worth mentioning as it has a strong push for junior racing.  Additional benefits for juniors may be added at a later date as we get closer to the race.

We greatly appreciate this unsolicited donation and hope that the outcome from it is an improvement in juniors racing in Ohio!

Juniors Categories Added to Last Two OSRS Races

As a continued test of the interest in juniors categories in road races in Ohio, the Ohio Spring Race Series has added juniors to the last two races of the series, Germantown and Georgetown.  This was done at the Lynchburg race with moderate success, and these two races will use the same format.  Entry fee for the juniors will be $10 with no day of event late fee.  They will race with the women but will be scored separately.  Their results will be submitted to USA Cycling.

The Germantown Race p/b Queen City Wheels uses a short and technical 7.3-mile loop.  Riders will have to negotiate many 90 degree turns on narrow country roads.  The finish is at the top of a small, low grade climb.  The juniors will be racing for approximately 42 miles.  Registration is available through

The Series Finale will be the Georgetown, OH Race p/b BigDaveSports and Team BSM.  This is your more traditional country race course with 11 miles of slightly rolling straight-aways, a few twists and turns, and a moderate climb on the back side.  The finish is part of one of the long straights with mild rollers.  The juniors will be racing for approximately 35 miles at this race.  Registration for this race is also available at

When we added juniors to the Lynchburg Race, some of the feedback that we received was that the 38-mile race was too long for the younger juniors in the 10-14 age group, and that any distance over 30 miles is no longer a race, but more of survival for the less developed muscles of the young juniors.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to add another group on the road for some of these races to allow the younger juniors to have a race with a more suitable distance.  Also, upon questioning the veteran race officials, it was pointed out that any groups that start together, must finish together, i.e. do the same distance, thus eliminating the possibility of having the juniors start with the women but finish earlier.

Again, adding these categories to these races is more of an experiment to see what the interest level is while creating very little additional work for the race promoters and officials.  We will look at the turnouts we get for the three races and discuss whether this is something we want to add to next year’s format, and then the extent of the juniors categories which may or may not include the younger 10-14 age group.

Please show your support for juniors racing by encouraging juniors to attend these races!

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