It was discovered today that the one lane bridge on the original course is in the process of being replaced.  The bridge is completely gone now, so there is no “squeezing through” during next week’s race.  I was able to route a detour that only add about 2 miles to the route.  This new route does change some of the characteristics of the course by adding a second mild climb on the backside.  Here is the new course to be used next week:

Because this new route is longer, I have changed the number of laps and mileage some of the age groups will be doing.

  • Men 30-39, 4 laps, 54 miles
  • Men 40-49, 4 laps, 54 miles
  • Men 50-59, 3 laps, 41 miles
  • Men 60+, 3 laps, 41 laps
  • Women (all ages), 3 laps, 41 miles

Hopefully, everyone will find these changes satisfactory as much of this was out of my control.