There has been a small change to the course being used for this year’s Ohio Masters Road Race State Championship.  While driving the course last week, it was noticed that one of the roads, Beech Grove Rd, has been completely repaved with fresh, smooth, black asphalt.  Most of this road was bypassed because there were too many potholes.  Now, instead of following Eden Rd up to Marks Rd, we will now turn directly onto Beech Grove Rd from Eden Rd.  This will eliminate the one left turn that was on the course and shortens the course by 1 mile each lap.  Since Marks Rd is a one lane road, this should make for some safer racing as the groups make their approach to the final turn on to Oak Grove Rd before the finish.


While this race is open to all Masters riders regardless of residency, only Ohio residents are eligible for Championship Medals.  In addition, riders must also have a current USA Cycling Annual License to be eligible for Championship Medals.  All riders can compete for the available prize money.