August 7, 2010
8:30 amto6:45 pm

PUR Tour Flyer

EVENT DESCRIPTION: The PUR Tour provides quality racing for all categories with an emphasis on juniors and beginner riders!

THE COURSE: This is a non-technical 1.56 mile loop circuit of excellent pavement closed to traffic during the races.  There is one left hand turn and 1 short climb.  Wind is frequently present.  Fitness, pack skills and teamwork are the most important factors.

DIRECTIONS: 8340 Mason-Montgomery Rd, Mason, OH 45040 From Cincinnati – Proceed North on I-71 to Exit 19 Mason-Montgomery/Fields Ertel Road.  Turn left off of the exit onto Mason-Montgomery Rd.  Proceed about 2 miles and turn right into the Procter & Gamble Mason Business Center (use 2nd entrance).  From Columbus: South on I-71 to exit 19.  Turn right on to Mason-Montgomery Rd.  Proceed to the P&G entrance (right side).

REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN: Online registration is available at and closes at noon on Friday, August 6, 2010.  Onsite registration/check-in will open at 7:30 am and will close 15 minutes prior to the start of each race.  There will be a $10.00 day of race late fee for all categories except juniors and beginners/citizens.  There is a $5.00 discount for entering a second, third or fourth race.  Juniors who enter a junior event may enter a 2nd race for $5.00.

If you are new to racing, please give yourself ample time to get checked in, get your bike ready and attach your race number.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: All USA Cycling rules and regulations must be followed and will be enforced.  All riders must have a current USA Cycling racing license or a one-day license with the exception of Ride With The Kids and Kids On Bikes participants.  One-day licenses will be available at check in for $10.  A rider may only purchase a one-day license if they are a men’s category 5, women’s category 4 or a first time racer.  The promoter reserves the right to combine categories and/or reduce prize lists based upon number of riders.


Race #1: 8:30 am – Men Cat 5/Citizen –This race is open to all men who are new to racing or have a Category 5 License.  Individual rider abilities may vary greatly in this race, but it will give riders an opportunity to give racing a try on this non-technical closed course.  There is no Day Of Event Late Fee for this race.

Race #2: 9:05 am

Women Cat 4/Citizen – As with the Men Cat 5/Citizen race, this is open to all women who are new to racing or have a Category 4 license.  The field will be relatively small and tends to get spread out around the course because of the wide range of abilities amongst the riders.  There is no Day Of Event Late Fee for this race.

Jr. Boys and Girls 13-14 and 10-12 – These are the youngest of our licensed racers and the future of our sports.  If your child enjoys cycling at all, they should give this race a try.  Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each gender and age group.  There is no Day Of Event Late Fee for this race.

Race #3: 9:40 am – Men Cat 4/5 – This race could potentially have the largest field of the day and will be capped at 75 riders based on USA Cycling rules.  Though first time racers may enter this race, it is highly recommended that riders have a strong understanding of racing etiquette and pack riding skills.

Race #4: 10:15 am – Women Category 3/4 – This is typically the largest of the women’s races with a good mix of seasoned racers and newbies getting their feet wet.  The riders are some of the friendliest out there and tend to provide us with some of the best sprint finishes.

Race #5: 10:55 am – Men Master 50+ and 60+ – You are never too old to ride, or race, a bike.  These aged titans of cycling will show us all how it is done, even when we get into the golden years.  There is no upper age limit for this race, so if you are 80 and think you can ride with a generation younger than you, come on out.

Race #6: 11:30 am

Women Master 40+ and 50+ – As with fine wine, women racers get better with age, and this is their opportunity to shine without having to compete against “kids” half their age.  Most of these women are mothers and some may even be grandmothers.  On the race course, you won’t likely see the nurturing side, but more likely their power and strength.

Jr. Women 15-18 – Not all high school girls want to be cheerleaders.  Some want to ride bikes, and some want to race bikes.  Either way, this is the next step in the future of our sport.  There is no Day Of Event Late Fee for this race.

Race #7: 12:05 pm

Men Master 40+ – Most men buy a sports car during their midlife crisis.  Why not get into bike racing instead?  It’s cheaper and might even be safer.  This is typically one of the safer yet more competitive races of the day.

Jr. Men 15-16 and 17-18 – Our area is blessed with some of the best high school aged bike racers, but it doesn’t have to be just one or two teams out there.  If your kids like to ride, challenge him to see how he stacks up against everyone else in this race.  There is no Day Of Event Late Fee for this race.

Race #8: 12:40 pm – PUR Water Filtration’s Ride With The Kids – This is not an actual race but an opportunity for adults to ride with their kids on a safe, closed race course.  The course will be open for you and your child to ride as many laps as the two of you can handle.  All riders will have their own race numbers.  Afterwards, there will be food and prizes for the participants while watching the Kids On Bikes Time Trials.  This is the first of a 3-part series that includes the Kingswood Cyclocross race on Saturday, September 18th and the Java Johnny’s/Lionhearts UCI Cyclocross race on Saturday, October 9th.

Race #9: 1:10 pm – Kids On Bikes Time Trial – We’re starting them young!  This is an individual event at a designated distance.  Racers start at 10 second intervals and complete 1 lap for 5-7 year olds and 2 laps for 8-10 year olds as fast as possible.  Two wheels only.  No training wheels.  All participants will receive a certificate of achievement.  No racing license is required for this event.

Race #10: 2:00 pm – Fixed Gear – No gears, no coasting, just pedal the fastest for 30 minutes and you win.  Ok, maybe it’s not THAT simple, but that’s the jist of this race.  We’re bringing track racing to the open road for this rare criterium-style fixed gear race.  For safety reasons, a front hand brake is required for this race.  Also, bull-horn or aerobar style handlebars will not be permitted.  All other USA Cycling rules apply.

Race #11: 2:35 pm – Tandems – If you have a tandem, you have to race.  This is a fun (and bizarre) race to watch.  There will be 3 different categories: man/man, mixed, and junior stoker.  Juniors may be up to 16 years in age.

Race #12: 3:10 pm

Clydesdale Men 200+/225+/250+ – This race was such a success last year that we brought it back and expanded it.  It is now open to all category riders but with 3 different weight classes.  The horsepower will be off the charts, and hopefully, the pavement will hold up as we witness this battle of the big men.

Athena Women 160+ – Since the Clydesdale race was so popular last year, we thought we’d give the women a chance to shine.  These buxom beauties will battle it out for 30 minutes to see who is best of the bombshells.

Race #13: 3:45 pm – Men Category 3/4 – This race gives the category 4 men an opportunity to see how they match up against the next level of racers while letting the category 3 men put them in their place.  You can expect some good racing and plenty of attacks throughout.

Race #14: 4:40 pm – Women Category 1/2/3 – We begin our wrap-up of the day with the top women of our area who will battle it out for an hour of fun and excitement.  These women have logged in numerous races to be able to advance to this level.

Race #15: 5:45 pm – Men Category 1/2/3 – To complete the day, we let the top men racers compete for an hour at full throttle.  This race is guaranteed to have plenty of attacks and counter attacks until the final lap.

RESULTS: All results will be submitted to USA Cycling within 48 hours after the official results are final.

Visit for complete details and descriptions of the races.

Contact David “BigDave” Riemenschneider with any questions.