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Course Change for the Devou Park Series

We have made a slight change to the Devou Park Summer Race Series course.  With the wet Wednesdays we had for the second and third weeks of the series, it became apparent that the 180 degree turn was a little too challenging to do on wet roads.  Therefore, the 180 has been eliminated.  Instead, riders will continue straight and circle the pavilion parking lot clockwise and be able to get a running start to the downhill section.  This also gives the riders more recovery time from the climb with an additional .3 miles of flatness in the overall loop.  Here is the new course map.

We used this new course in the forth week of the series and everybody seemed to really enjoy it including the police officers working the race.  With one week left in this year’s series, be sure to come out and experience this new version of the race.  It really changes everything, so bring your friends!

Devou Park Summer Race Series #4 RESULTS

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Samuel Birkan

Beth Hayes


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